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Tropical Biomes (Future Forum)

(2019-Current) The GPP is a partner of the Forum of the Future in carrying out the Tropical Biomas Project, whose objective is to structure actions aimed at deepening scientific research, initially in the Cerrado Biome, with a view to establishing limits and potential of these systems, from the perspective of sustainable food production.  In this context, an exploratory territorial analysis of these regions, considering social, economic and productive aspects, is of paramount importance to measure their performance in relation to national agriculture, as well as to point out possible adjustments in production systems, with the objective of making the areas more productive and sustainable, which will guarantee the various benefits arising from the agricultural sector, such as the generation of jobs and income, and will also contribute to the reduction of inequalities and negative impacts on natural resources, among others.


This partnership has the following main objectives: 


(1) Synthesize and systematize the knowledge already produced in the sample of the territory of Rio Verde (GO) and then determine a complementary agenda of scientific research, applied to the challenges posed by the need to intensify both food supply and rational use and sustained use of available natural resources;


(2) Identify productive vocations guided by scientific research in line with the vision of local actors, as well as diagnose agricultural use (historical and current) to propose the reuse of degraded areas;


(3) Establish a methodology to work with local actors to develop a vision of the future structured to promote sustainable development;


(4) Structuring a Knowledge Management Pilot Project that makes it possible to re-edit and update a National Agricultural Research Network, based on a collaborative platform designed to connect researchers, institutions and projects carried out in tropical biomes.

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