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Critical study on the issuance of the Declaration of Aptitude to PRONAF

(2014) Study carried out with the support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), with the aim of bringing new elements to the understanding of discrepancies in the Declaration of Aptitude for Pronaf (DAP), seeking to boost the improvement of this instrument, necessary for the organization of a database on the identification of family farmers. A specific document for access to Pronaf, the DAP currently also provides access to a series of policies, programs and projects aimed at family farmers. Despite the issuance of the DAP being a process supported by a consistent arrangement with legal and technical references, which guide the action of an institutional network of qualified issuers and equipped with up-to-date technological resources, a significant occurrence of discrepancies in the amount of DAPs issued in in relation to the numbers of family farmers surveyed by the 2006 Agricultural Census. 

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