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Methodological Guide for Evaluations of the Agrarian Reorganization Secretariat Programs

(2006-2008) The series “Studies of Agrarian Reordering” was developed with the purpose of disseminating studies and research focused on issues of agrarian reordering in Brazil. The fifth issue of the series consists of a Methodological Guide to the Evaluations of the Programs of the Agrarian Reorganization Secretariat of the Ministry of Agrarian Development (SDA/MDA) and presents the description of the methodologies used in the evaluations published in the last three volumes of the series._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


These evaluations were carried out by different academic institutions that took on the task of evaluating the programs from the elaboration of the methodology, going through the field research, until the final analysis. The importance of carrying out evaluations with well-designed methodologies, such as those presented in this Guide, is to provide greater reliability to the results obtained and, thus, allow a more effective intervention on the reality of the public benefited by public policies. This is possible because the methodology of an impact assessment, unlike a simple diagnosis, allows estimating the changes arising from a public policy program, not taking into account other external influences that may interfere in the life of the beneficiaries.


The impact assessment helps the monitoring and planning of public policies, due to the fact that it generates information that supports decision-making regarding the focus, functioning, operationalization, as well as the cost-benefit ratio of the program, contributing to the quality of actions. governmental. 


Chapter 3 of the Guide concerns the methodology used in the Impact Assessment of the National Land Credit Program (PNCF), carried out by the Luiz de Queiroz Agrarian Studies Foundation (Fealq), via the Public Policy Group (GPP). This chapter presents the methodology used in the entry profile of beneficiaries, with the aim of evaluating the impact of the program on families.


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