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Impact Assessment of the Project "Low Carbon Agriculture and Avoided Deforestation in Brazil"

(2020-Current) The GPP acts as a partner of Agroicone, contracted by the IDB, in the impact assessment of the project "Low Carbon Agriculture and Avoided Deforestation".  The study was structured to carry out a evaluation of the project's design, implementation and effectiveness to achieve its objectives, as well as co-benefits in municipalities in the target states in the Amazon and Atlantic Forest, focusing on the components of financial and technical assistance, behavioral change and their contribution to achieving the results of the projects, considering the project life cycle, which comprises the period from April 2013 to August 2019 (final disbursement date).


The evaluation will assess the project's relevance in supporting Brazil's climate change commitments - reducing deforestation and GHG emissions - and the results achieved with the adoption of ABC technologies used by the project, as well as the project's contribution to improving income of small and medium producers based on the increase of productivity and efficiency of the properties. It will also assess the level of involvement of strategic stakeholders in the project and the coordination between partner organizations. Finally, the evaluation will focus on whether the program has achieved the intended results and whether the interventions will be sustainable after the project is completed.

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