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Assessment of the impact of certification on planted forest ventures

(2009) This research, developed together with the Instituto de Manejo Florestal e Agrícola (Imaflora), aimed to assess the impact of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) socio-environmental certification on forestry enterprises. Fourteen enterprises were surveyed in the southern region of the country. The data sources used in the study were field observations and structured questionnaires, with more than 340 interviews with different actors (owners, own and outsourced workers, contractors, customers, unions and community associations).


The field observations involved visiting Permanent Preservation Areas, Legal Reserves, production areas and infrastructure of the enterprises (housing, accommodation, means of transport, roads, among others).  The main data The socio-environmental data collected were related to the preservation of native vegetation, conservation of water resources, waste management, safety and working conditions, and training.


The research showed that FSC forest certification resulted in important socio-environmental contributions in forestry companies in the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina. The positive impacts are related to all socio-environmental aspects evaluated: worker health and safety, training, use of pesticides, preservation of natural resources, forest management and community relations. 


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