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Vista aérea da floresta

Impact assessment of socio-environmental certification on community forest management

(2008) Study carried out in partnership with the Forest and Agricultural Management and Certification Institute (Imaflora), Entropix Engenharia and Esalq/USP. In it, the impact of socio-environmental certification of 4 certified associations was evaluated, where 31 certified and 10 non-certified farmers (control group) were interviewed, in addition to 4 technical assistance members.


Four criteria of similarity between the projects considered were considered for the impact assessment: 1) the performance of community forest management; 2) the exploitation of wood, as the main product, in forest management; 3) land organization in Agroextractive Settlement Project (PAE); 4) the certification standard used, the FSC Standard for Natural Forest Management in Terra Firme in the Amazon.


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