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GPP and UNEP start study on the impacts of the recovery of degraded pastures in the Legal Amazon

This Wednesday (17), the GPP/Esalq received Helena Neri Alves Pinto and Jay Amstel, representatives of the UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) to discuss directions for the new study signed between the entities, whose focus will be on the recovery of degraded pastures - one of the technologies recommended in the ABC+ Plan of MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply).

Entitled “TEEB Agriculture & Food”, the project aims – in broad terms – to analyze the socio-economic and environmental impacts of the introduction of low carbon agriculture technologies, including changes in capital stocks (natural, productive, human and social) and dominant flows (eg ecosystem services) in the Legal Amazon states.

The focus will be on the recovery of degraded pastures (RPD), elected the main practice/technology to be evaluated, followed by the Integration Crop-Livestock (ILP) technology. It is understood that the incorporation of ILP technology can prove to be an important tool in the recovery of pastures in the case of producers with a more technified profile or specialized in grain production.

The research will seek to focus on the region of the "Arc of Deforestation", composed of municipalities inserted in the Legal Amazon, where high rates of deforestation are observed due, among other reasons, to the advance of the agricultural frontier over the last decades.

As livestock is the economic activity of the agricultural sector that predominates in the region, where expressive areas of underused and degraded pastures are found, there is enormous potential for recovery, and it is up to the study to assess the environmental, economic and social consequences of this potential.

In addition to the GPP and UNEP, the initiative has the support of FGV Agro. After the results are published, the study will provide input to MAPA in the development of strategies to implement the ABC+ Plan in the states of the Legal Amazon.


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